ZR-7 The Red House Seven (FEATURE)

2012 African Movie Academy Awards Nominee

"When life in boarding school got tough...we got even"

TJ is a young man in his late twenties, the first draft of his book titled ZR-7 is long overdue for the publisher to review. He decides the entire draft will be recorded on a tape recorder and only his butler (Alphonso) is an actual witness, he begins to tell his story as the action comes alive.

The story is a classic life of boarding school adventure involving TJ with six of his friends (Roll-D, Chiedu, UK, Tokunbo, Femi & James) while in JSS1 (7th grade). The boys are initially shocked by all the hoops they have to jump in order to survive teachers, prefects, wicked seniors, dining hall food, thieves, cutting grass, washing toilets, discovering a bushbaby, puppy love and all the other regular experiences anyone in a public Nigerian boarding school would experience. But when TJ and the boys accidentally see a man and two female students in an uncompromising position, what they do with the information is not their ony problem in school, but the resulting scandal would change their lives far beyond their wildest dreams...

Written and Directed by Olufemi D. Ogunsanwo & Udoka Oyeka

Director of Photagraphy: Bishop C. Kagho Idhebor

Editor: Chidi Nwaozomudoh

RELEASE DATE: August 19, 2011

ZR-7 is now available on amazon.com VOD and DVD




2014 African Magic Viewers's Choice Award Nominee

2014 Cannes Short Film Corner

Best Cinematography, Best Writer (Drama), Best Supporting Actriess, Best Actress, Best Movie Director, Best Movie Drama, Best Movie.

The first ever breast cancer based movie done in Nigeria.
Featuring Liz Ameye (formerly Benson) Stephanie Wilson and Norbert Young. A short film on The reality of breast cancer.

Produced by Udoka Oyeka and Orode Ryan-Okpu. Directed by Udoka Oyeka who brought you "DOWN and OUT" & ZR7 (The red house seven). A Pink Pearl Foundation and Applegazer and Karmacause collaboration.



2014 Official Selection at Toronto International Short Film Festival

2015 Official Selection at Pan African Film Festival Los Angeles

2016 Premiere at American Black Film Festival Miami

Chuks is a businessman who deals in a peculiar business. For a handsome fee, he facilitates the transportation of desperate Nigerian illegal immigrants looking for greener pastures in North America.

Produced by Chiedu and Chidi Nwaozomudoh

Directed by Chidi Nwaozomudoh







2016 Official Selection at European Independent Film Festival

2016 Official Selection at Durban International Film Festival

2016 Official Selection at Africa Film Festival Trinidad & Tobago

2016 Official Selection at Lights, Camera, Africa Festival

A gruesome Boko Haram terrorist attack has destroyed the bank, the police station and the market of a small town in Northern Nigeria. In charge of the overcrowded ER of a rundown hospital, Dr. Gbenga and his staff are doing all they can to help the victims, when a young man suspected to be one of the terrorists is brought in. The town's Chief of Police demands immediate jungle justice, but Gbenga must keep everyone's values in check...especially his own.

Release Date: 2016